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Problem With Downloads


I have been having trouble with downloads - I followed the step by step directions and all attempts have failed (maybe I am reading something wrong IDK. I have tried downloading over and over angain and it is getting very annoying that they refuse to show up on my game download screen. So can anyone help me?
1# WiccanVampiress
r u Mac user or Windows user or Vista user?
and what did u do? how u do that?
give us more details,plz
screenshot is preferable...
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I am a Windows Vista user

I went to your site - then hit the download button on the item(s)
I then saved it to my sims 3 downloads folder
After that I extracted the files (its was a zipped folder)

Now here is where it gets me

"Put the Resource.cfg to your root Sims 3 folder. For example, if you installed Sims 3 to C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3, that is your root Sims 3 folder. If you installed it elsewhere, change the following paths to reflect your install location. If there exists the Resource.cfg file in your root Sims 3 folder, you will NOT need to recover it."

I put the Resource.cfg file into the Sims 3 folder which would be as it says C:Programs Files\EA\TS3

Then it says to

"Please create a new file folder named Mods in your root Sims 3 folder, then create another folder named Packages in Mods.
3) Then put .package in that folder ( C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages ) and the game will recognize it."

I then created a folder in the sims 3 folder titled mods then one in mods titled packages. I put the .Package file in the folder as instructed C:Program Files\EA\TS3\MODS\PACKAGES

I checked my game launchers download page nothing was there.

I then followed the final step

"4) If the mod can not show in the game when it is installed according to the following instructions, please DELETE the temporary files in My Document\Electronic Arts\The Sims3"

I still got nothing


Where am I going or what am I doing wrong? I mean I'm not the smartest cookie in the box but I am smart enough to know what I am doing yet the downloading has me litterally chasing my tail and climbing the walls to insanity.
3# WiccanVampiress
that's it!
DO NOT capitalize every character!
rename the 2 folders' name as this 'Mods' and 'Packages'
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The Clothing Downloads worked but I am still encountering problems with the Hair and Skin Downloads
5# WiccanVampiress
this is skin help
as for the hair, did any of the hairstype not work?
None. None of the hairs downloaded

and I just followed the link instructions you gave me and still they refuse to download.
7# WiccanVampiress
and I just followed the link instructions you gave me and still they refuse to download.
cant download???
okay...this site is just compatible with IE or Firefox browser..
I have both firefox and IE
Downloading custom content for the Sims 3 is a lot more complicated than it is for the Sims 2. First off, you could also try to do it the easy way, ie. download Mod The Sims' TS3 Install Helper monkey.

That little program, developed by Delphy, configures your "Resource.cfg" and folders, and when you download .package files, this program will install them for you if you just click on them twice. Proves for happy camping, eh?

If you're not comfortable downloading a program, Mod The Sims also has instructions on how to do it manually. You can find those here. Hope that helps
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