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The Sims 3’s Facebook reaches 5 Million Likes!

POSTED ON 05/06/11 09:07 PM

All-new sets have arrived, time to give your Sims a fresh new look.

Every day should be a good day for your Sims, and now it can be with the all-new Everday Casual Chic Set. The new set give your Sims a reson to dress their best all day, every day. Continue to stay classy with another fresh new look, the Mid-Century Fantasy Set, and keep the spirit of the 1950's alive!

Now that your Sims look the part, keep the party going with the Tiki Outdoor Party Set, let loose and unwind with the season's hottest new room set.

Or, you can get everything new for the month of May with just one click!  The May 2011 Compilation includes the Tiki Outdoor Party, Mid-Century Fantasy, and Everyday Casual Chic sets.

Check Out the New Looks Today!
EA are always great
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