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Help! Sims 3 Skins!

Hi! Ok so my problem is that when i download the sims 3 skin like the hairy skin replacement ( ... x.php?topic=13191.0), where do i put the file? I was looking around and one of the websites told me to download WinRAR (\"\"ownloading_for_Fracking_Idiots_5), and i did, but i am having trouble. I deleted the simscompositorcache and put the new package file there but everytime i play sims 3 it does not work at all. then i check back in the sims documents and it comes back. any help?
I email peggy before.

this skin is not real independent sims3 skin.

it will replace a default skin in game.
Ok thanks! and do u know anything about the hairs like how to download them from the same site? j/w?
wait nvm i got it!
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