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How long will it take to download the Sims3 from Torrent?

Is it true it will take two to three days to download. Is there any way to do it faster? Has anyone you know been playing it already?
I have not downloaded the game myself, but I know some people in other forums who have.  They all said it took a very long time to download.
Torrents are a very simple concept; the more seeders (ie. the more people who already have the complete file on their computer and have their torrent client on) connected to the torrent, the faster a download will go. This is often called the "health" of a torrent.

So, technically, the healthier a torrent, the faster the download will be, but the amount of megabyte your internet connection can process plays a part, too. One of my friends said her copy took two hours, and her internet connection processes around 100 megabytes per second.
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