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simschallenger Post at 20-5-2009 22:05

about 8 expasion packs...which should select?

The Sims 2 expansion packs provide additional game features and items. Eight expansion packs have been released as of 2008.
;wozS9Led i dont know which one to select...what i am sure is i wont choose  university..i don't know much about other packs...could someone help me! 3x in advance

piscesgemini Post at 20-5-2009 22:15

i suggest apartment life..

walkingpen Post at 20-5-2009 22:54

i can tell u sth about season pack. You can do different things depends on the season. The most significant feature is not even something you can do but different weather. Besides, the sims get temperatures, meaning they can actually freeze or get hot.
Jq h)h;y7{,n*I6af"j!t Other features are fishing and gardening. The sims can catch fish in about any pond, and they can grow different fruits and vegetables.

fayriesakura Post at 21-5-2009 03:40

Personally, I like the [b]Free Time[/b] expansion pack best, because it gives your Sims more individuality. Your Sim will be predestined to choose a hobby (scientific Sims will be interested in Science; others in Dance or in Sports or in Nature) and will unlock many useful things from that hobby.SWT%b/_1g@e!W

4[w%y,bM7M Also, you will get to choose a Secondary Aspiration and extra features for said Aspiration, making it easier for your Sims to reach Platinum status.1EP _7J*T/hw

*R6ssg[W-Q}`Y Still, what anyone else in this forum thinks might be different from what you think. If you want more information about what each expansion pack can do, I suggest you read up about them on [url=]Wikipedia[/url] or something, and then make your decision :)

LaFemme Post at 21-5-2009 07:46

I liked the [b]Apartment Life[/b] best! I love the new options. And I always wanted my sims to live in apartments. It´s nice that you can interact with your neightbours when you live in apartment. I love it!

simschallenger Post at 21-5-2009 21:52

}hX3N6W_&XVl*] [quote]
l rT+f F)Jb)` I suggest you read up about them on [url=]Wikipedia[/url] or something, and then make your decision :)
L6E j,j4A [/quote]8r'Q`$Ue@i

z)wO}"W?Z(C 3x for ur advice....i do need more info about each pack....i should serch it on Wikipedia,,u r right....

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